Monday, November 30, 2009

Stellar Sweets: They'll Do In A Pinch

"Okay, just one more store and we're done shopping for the day," she said.

"You've been telling me that all weekend! I've been carrying your bags since the crack of dawn on Friday morning, and my legs hurt, and I would kill for something to eat. We better make this stop a quick one."

"I carried your son in my womb for nine months!" she retorted. "The least you can do is carry some Christmas gifts down Bardstown Road for an afternoon!"

She had me there. But man, was I hungry. We walked into WHY Louisville and my spirits drifted even lower. So many things! So many cute things! My wife will spend no less than all afternoon in this store, I thought. I'd give anything for a piece of chocolate right now. I wandered over to the checkout counter in hopes of sending her that "hurry up, woman" signal. My eyes passed over the jewelry case and the curiosities on display behind the counter, but all I could think about was my alarming hunger.

But what luck! There on the counter sat the answer to my prayers. Locally made Fleur-de-Lis chocolates and chocolate owl suckers from Stellar Sweets! Each one was handsomely wrapped, beckoning me. There were dark chocolate, white chocolate, even orange chocolate Fleur-de-Lis! And I could swear the little owl sucker winked at me. I immediately grabbed one of each and thrust them at the clerk. "You've saved my life!" I exclaimed as I handed over my money. Locally made, and only $2.50 and $2 each! They gave me just the energy I needed to survive the rest of the afternoon. And just in the nick of time--my wife had discovered the onesies. There was no way we were getting out of there any time soon.

Chocolates by Stellar Sweets:

  • Stellar Sweets is Louisville owned and operated and uses high quality, local, and some organic ingredients for all baked goods
  • Chocolate Fleur-de-Lis come in dark chocolate, white chocolate, and orange chocolate varieties and are individually wrapped for $2.00 apiece
  • Chocolate Owl Suckers are individually wrapped and are $2.50

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