Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Stamp Set For The Rest Of Us

Say, friend. Do you often dream of the glory and adulation so lavishly bestowed upon talented artists? Do you, too, want to feel the tingle of joy when someone says, "Hey, that's a fine looking cityscape you drew, there", or even, "Hey, that's a fine looking Winter wonderland you drew there." Are you afraid you'll never hear those tender words because you lack even the slightest degree of artistic talent?

Well, we can meet you half way.

New at WHY Louisville are these awesome stamp sets from Yellow Owl Workshop. No talent is required to create a beautiful cityscape scene complete with financial sector, city park, and residential neighborhood. Or perhaps you'd like to be known for your lush Wintery landscapes, adorned with Alpine mountains and realistic wildlife. Create your own (quite limited) artistic niche with a little help from the art of block printing.

  • Each stamp set comes with five stamps made from reclaimed maple and natural rubber
  • Beautifully packaged in a hand-finished birch box
  • Winterscape and Cityscape sets are only $29.99!

Like what Yellow Owl has to offer? Be sure to stop in and check out our assortment of Yellow Owl cards and paper goods.

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