Friday, January 29, 2010

25% Off Hoodies And Jackets

Not sure if you've checked the forecast lately, but apparently Louisville is due for some snow this weekend. We'd hate to picture you trudging through the slosh, your head held low, cursing the elements under your breath--all because you couldn't afford the appropriate outer layers. That "Someone In Kentucky Loves Me" shirt is nice and all, but it ain't gonna keep Old Man Winter in his rightful place.

Thankfully, WHY Louisville is slashing prices on all outer wear! Zip hoodies, pullovers, and stylish track jackets are now 25% off!

"Which 25%? The sleeves?"

Very funny, Statler and Waldorf. You'll get the entire garment, but it will cost you 25% fewer dollars than it did prior to this sale. See how that works?

Choose among the following warm-and-toasty products:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Someone In Kentucky Loves ME??

There's been quite a winter's chill out there lately, which can mean only one thing: love is in the air! February 14 is just around the corner, and things are getting awfully romantic at WHY Louisville. So romantic that we've decided to include millions of additional people in our line of "Someone in ___ Loves Me" tees. WHY Louisville's classic "Someone In Louisville Loves Me" is still available, of course, but now Kentuckians from Florence, Paducah, Monkey's Eyebrow, and all points in between can declare their love on a T-shirt.

The "Someone In Kentucky Loves Me" tee is printed on that super soft American Apparel tri-blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon: the trifecta of comfort. It's available in unisex sizes XS through XXL for only $17.99, in the store and online. (Sorry, "Stripey the Neighborhood Alley Cat" is not included with your purchase.)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Might We Suggest...

Ever wonder what those beautiful people behind the counter at WHY Louisville would throw in their shopping cart if they were in your shoes? The new "Staff Picks" section of our Web store is a great way to pick their brains for some fan-tastic product suggestions. Our voluminous product catalog can intimidate, we know. Staff Picks is a great place to start your search for the perfect gift. Our particularly picky staff is more than happy to make some friendly suggestions of their favorite WHY Louisville goods.

While you're there, you'll get to know the WHY Louisville staff a little better with some factoids and trivia. Did you know that we have a clerk named Biscuit? That there's an actual, living, breathing dragon who works at WHY Louisville (and happens to be a hell of a screen printer)? Were you aware that our official-unofficial mascot was actually the official-official mascot for an entirely different and much larger corporation in the 1980s? We've stirred your curiosity, no doubt. Head to the Staff Picks page to learn all the details!