Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Keep Your Friends Close And Your Owls Closer

These flashy little owl friends flew all the way from exotic climates for the express purpose of getting very, very close to you. The 28" Copper Metal Hinged Owl Pendant Necklace is particularly interested in clinging to your chest and greeting your friends and neighbors with his black bead eyes. His segmented body is 2½ inches of die cast copper and he hangs from a copper metal link chain. He can become your very close personal companion for a mere $22.

And he has friends.

Silver and Gold Metal & Rhinestone Owl Rings flew in from the same latitudes as their necklace buddy and they're equally as excited to begin being your personal fashion trademark. Each inch-wide ring is covered in eye-catching rhinestones. For $15 apiece, you could very well display an entire owl colony from your own two hands.

We've got these owl guys and a lot more new jewelry items down in the storefront. Come feast your eyes upon mustache, deer, and octopus necklaces, just to name a few.

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