Friday, April 2, 2010

Wayfarer, Chloe, and Bridget Sunglasses are back!

Wearing a pair of Wayfarers is like wearing the entire decade of the 1980s on your face. You instantly become Tom Cruise in Risky Business. You embody Don Henley's "Boys of Summer". Perhaps you'll wear your sunglasses at night. No matter how you choose to live in the past, you'll have a variety of color options in which to do it. And wayfarers with color block lenses are also available; what better way to bring the 1980s to your next bass fishing trip?

If Corey Feldman isn't really your cup of New Coke, we've also got a wide selection of color combinations in Chloe and Bridget style sunglasses to choose from. Heck! Sunglasses are only $12, so why not shade your face in all three styles? It's only gonna get brighter out there, you know.

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