Friday, April 16, 2010

Duuurrrrrbbbaaaaaayyyyyyy (*bUrp*)

Time to head on down to Thundar! Let's run through the check list and make sure I have everything I need:
  • Warm cans of Circle K's cheapest beer: check
  • A cassette single of Sammy Hagar's timeless protest anthem "I Can't Drive 55": check
  • Economy pack of military grade fog horns: check
  • Giant horse costume: ...

Oh, crap! I forgot the horse costume! There's no WAY Caufield's is gonna have any left on such short notice. Jeez, I'll look like such a FOOL down there wearing nothing but people clothes. I mean, maybe if I had a T-shirt with a picture of me drinking beer and wearing a giant horse costume while yelling "DDUUURRRBBBAAAYYYY", all my horse costumed buddies would at least be able to appreciate the subtle irony.

Better stop by WHY Louisville--chances are they have a T-shirt like that.

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