Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MY Ukulele Kit: Some Suggestions

As we all know, the "My Ukulele" build-it-yourself kit from WHY Louisville is pretty awesome. It's got all the pieces you need to build your very own ukulele with basic hand tools and minimum of woodworking skill. But the best part? It comes unfinished, so you can turn it into a work of art!

Are you having trouble deciding exactly what to do with your blank ukulele canvas? Allow us to give you a few crudely illustrated ideas for inspiration:

A lovely luau scene. Its loveliness will make your audience forget that you really don't know how to play the ukulele.

The Hawaii Governor's Seal. It's great for your ukulele if you happen to be the Hawaiian governor, or are an especially big fan of the Hawaiian gubernatorial process.

That fat guy from Lost. Just because everyone's favorite show is over, doesn't mean we have to see less Hurley. If you think you've got the artistic chops, slap his mug on your ukulele!

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