Wednesday, May 12, 2010

9th Annual Lebowski Fest

The 9th Annual Lebowski Fest is coming up fast, and tickets are on sale now at WHY Louisville. This year's festival will feature music from The Felice Brothers and Thomas A. Minor and the Picket Line, in addition to the normal bowling, costumes, contests, and what-have-you we all know and love. Stop in soon to get the limited Achievers Weekend Pass to experience the whole shebang for a dicounted price. Better hurry, though, 'cause those suckers go fast!

Check out the Lebowski Fest website for, uh, more information, man.

Don't worry, WHY Louisville has a lot of Lebowski-related goods on hand to tide you over until the festival. Check out our selection of Lebowski Fest quote stickers, Lebowski tees, and an awesome limited edition "Nice Marmot" print by Jay Ryan.

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