Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where The WHY Louisville Tee Shirts Are

There's nothing better than a well lit, well composed photo of Max Records, star of the feature film Where The Wild Things Are, wearing one of WHY Louisville's exclusive Robot Kids' Shirts--especially if that photo is taken by none other than the film's director, Spike Jonze.

Unfortunately, we don't have a photo like that.

What we do have is a blurry, back-lit photo of Max's little brother Sam wearing a Robot Kids' Shirt taken by none other than director Spike Jonze himself. (Don't worry. What Spike lacks in cell phone camera photography skills he more than compensates for in film directing skills.) Getting Spike Jonze's own amateur photo of Max Records' little brother in a WHY Louisville tee is second best. But according to the LEO Weekly Reader's Poll of 2009, so is WHY Louisville! So here's to being a silver medal winner, Sam!

Spike's photo of Sam and Max comes to us thanks to the folks behind We Love You So--a blog highlighting some of the Wild Things encountered by the crew of Where The Wild Things Are during production of the film.

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