Thursday, October 8, 2009

We Love Lolley!

WHY Louisville is proud to present some awesome new wares designed by local artist, Hollywood legend*, and conjurer of mythical beasts, Kathleen Lolley.

Kathleen was raised in both the Derby City and the iron hills of Pittsburg, learned her chops in Los Angeles, and has been rapidly gaining national and international attention for her talent ever since. Her artwork fuses elements of storytelling, mythology, mechanical whimsy, and a liberal dose of creature beasts.

The talented Miss Lolley has been featured in art galleries from sea to shining sea, and WHY Louisville is lucky enough to have her on board as one of our featured product designers. Available at the store and online is a slew of Lolley designed shirts, Giclée prints, cards, and accessories. You might even find an entire nest of owl throw pillows, sewn by Kathleen's own two hands! (Or were they conjured with a spell? We'll never truly know).

On your way into the store, be sure to check out the Lolley Land window display by Breonna Rossi. It's almost like a Kathleen Lolley painting came to life and took up residence at 1583 Bardstown Road!

If you can't make it to the store, head over to our new webstore to get your Lolley goods.

* Lolley's status as a Hollywood Legend depends on who you ask.

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