Monday, October 19, 2009

Dinosaur Jr. Frontman Reps Louisville On Stage

Which does Dinosaur Jr. frontman J. Mascis like better: Louisville or Werewolves? The answer may be obvious, but we like to kid ourselves into thinking it's the former. Mascis is pictured here on stage wearing WHY Louisville's exclusive Louisville Wolfman Tee (designed by Adrian Wright). Those among us who were not high school outcasts in the early '90s may not be aware, but Dinosaur Jr. are a legendary indie rock power trio of the '80s and '90s who have recently reunited to record new material and tour. During their stint in Louisville this past Friday, Mr. Mascis paid a nice little visit to the store prior to show time. He left with a brand new Adrian Wright Wolfman and incorporated it into the band's stage show. It's a good endorsement for Louisville, and an even better endorsement for werewolves. Thanks for giving Louisville some props, J!

(And as always, you can order your very own Wright-designed, Mascis-approved Wolfman Tee at our Web store.)

These photos come courtesy of the fine folks at Buzzgrinder.

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