Friday, April 3, 2009


lots to tear down, paint, and clean.

sometimes painting is fun...

but sometimes after your 219th trip to Lowes it is not.

but, then you get the cutest visitors and...

happy times again!

Jilbert stops by to help gussy up our office.

He requires these things to work:

IKEA challenge!

And the winner is Clagg!

Biscuit takes a hack break.

Breonna tends to the Beer Wolf.

DJ Paint Butt

Andrew is mighty.

Everyone loves a visit from Nord!

Shirt Framin.

Nickelback to the rescue.

The creation of Sterling The Robot.


Beer Wolf on parade.

Major work.

Kin Ship coming soon.

We heart Bob Rueff.

Beer Wolf is SNUGGIED & ready for some rest before the big day.

C'mon by for our Grand Re-Awesomeing Celebration.
Saturday, April 4th. 11am-8pm.
Mayor Jerry will be stopping by at noon!
1583 Bardstown Road

PS. Hugs & thanks to Tom, Joey, Patrick, and Ashley for all their help!


  1. YOU DID IT! I wish I were there to see and hang around with all of these!!!

  2. Cannot wait to come back home to this!!!

  3. fuck the lying sign man