Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Prints by Pedale Design

Kentucky Bourbon


Indiana Sucks

As you may have guessed, Pedale Design is based in Louisville and is probably dang proud of it. Check out our ever-expanding art print selection to pick up these and dozens of other printed works.

(Hoosier friends take note: the opinions of Pedale Design do not necessarily reflect those of WHY Louisville or its staff, especially its staff with family ties to Indiana. Hi Grandma!)


  1. these are terrific prints!

    but i'm concerned about the apostrophe on the bourbon print.... i think "bourbons" is being used in the plural sense, in which case there would be no apostrophe. the apostrophe indicates possession, as in "kentucky bourbon's bar" or "kentucky bourbon's great!"

    am i wrong? just don't want more kentucky-grammar clich├ęs.

    a former kentucky resident and bourbon lover.

  2. "The above comment is correct. It should read "Bourbons" without the apostrope.

  3. Now that you pointed that out, the apostrophe really bugs me.

  4. I love the description on the online store: "Learn how not to use an apostrophe!"

    I would buy this without the apostrophe.... Doh.