Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mugs o' Love from Rock Scissor Paper

Top o' the mornin', Louisville. The folks at Rock Paper Scissor just put some perk in your dreary winter wake-up call thanks to some some love-covered mugs. You wouldn't want a "World's Greatest Golfer" mug to be the vessel for your Valentine's breakfast-in-bed coffee come February 14, would you? Even if she is the world's greatest golfer? Why not give her a proverbial hug-'n'-kiss with the XO Mug? Look at how happy that "O" is! So happy to bring her coffee to her. Equally as happy are the little guys on that Happy Hearts Mug. They never suffer from the Winter Blues. Especially when you fill them with some freshly brewed coffee and pair them with some heart-shaped fried eggs. These mugs are a surefire way to get Valentine's Day started off on the right foot--and we all know that's the only way for Valentine's Day to end on the right foot. Right? Catch our drift?

Other mugs in the new Rock Paper Scissor line include the Bicycle Mug, Owls Mug, and Top Dog Mug. All Rock Scissor Paper mugs are $11.99 and measure 3 3/4" tall by 3" in diameter. Mug comes boxed and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Available now at WHY Louisville and on the WHY Louisville Web Store.

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